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We’re a company dedicated to changing DVT prevention. Every product we develop and program we put in place is
designed to improve lives. In order for us to combat the staggering 100,000 DVT related deaths per year we partner
with the nation's top healthcare companies. Whether you are a hospital, surgery center, clinic or physician our
program is leading the industry.

DVT Prevention is Changing, We’re Leading The Way

Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are now seeing the risk of DVT on a per patient basis and how it affects hospital re-admissions, surgery center protocols, staff compliance and patient outcomes.

With Precision as a partner, our DVT prevention program attacks all the new guidelines, and significantly increases the value of your overall care.

Better Recovery, Increased Prevention

Better Recovery, Increased Prevention. These are the words we stand by. We not only believe in our products but we invest in our people. We celebrate success and we believe in incentivizing our employees #PMPlife.

The past 8 years of paving the way for DVT prevention has shown us what an impact we can be on families, it’s amazing what happens when we put patients first.

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DME Solutions For Rehabilitation

Precision Medical Products is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge rehabilitation products and DVT solutions. Bridging the gap between the constant need for quality and the increasing demand for savings, PMP offers a portfolio of industry-leading products for superior patient care.

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Every product we develop and every program we put in place is designed to improve lives. Over 270 Ambulatory
Surgery Centers choose PMP for our No-Cost DVT Program, Paperless Process, Industry-Leading Products, and
Strategic Partner access.

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