Mobile DVT Prevention for Postoperative Recovery

Defender is a TAA compliant, tubeless, portable, lightweight, and battery-operated DVT prevention device designed for use when recovering from surgery. With a 24-hour rechargeable battery and no separate pumps or hoses, patients can use it at all times, ensuring maximum mobility and safety during any phase of care.

How it Works

Place on Calf

Align interior seam with the back of the calf. Wrap device around the calf and secure with velcro tabs.
Step 1

Secure Wraps

Defender device should be secure, but not too tight around calves. Both wraps when secured should look like the image above.
Step 2

Turn on Device

Press and Hold the power button on top of device to power on. Press and hold to power off. To activate night mode, press power button three times while it is powered on.
Step 3

How to Video Instructions


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TAA Compliant Mobile DVT Prevention

Defender provides pneumatic compression for moderate to high risk patients to use at home when recovering from surgery.


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