Ortho8 Cryo Hip Brace

Ortho8 Cryo Hip Brace

Powerful Hip Pain Relief - Fast relief where you need it most. The Ortho8 Cryo Hip Brace provides cold therapy and support allowing your body to heal while providing improved injury recovery. This device can be used to: Aid in relief for hip injuries and hip revision surgeries, protection and support for hip instability problems, aid in recovery of Arthroscopic hip procedures, Labral repair, with or without gluteus medius repair, as well as post-op proximal hamstring repair. P/N: 08-0034


Range of Motion Brace

  • Brace will control ROM (range-of-motion) at 15-degree increments.

Thin, Low Profile Fit

  • Hip and thigh Velcro Straps can also be cut to size for a more customized fit.

Cryo Therapy

  • Brace is fitted with a removable gel pack for optional cold therapy.

Flexible Support

  • The ROM hinge and brace are also removable, allowing it to be used for supporting purposes.


How-To Video