VenaOne® Vascular care

The World's First Fully Mobile DVT Prevention Device for the Acute Setting

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Circul8 Pro® DVT

Innovating mobile compression for patients post surgery

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American Made DVT Prevention
for those that served.

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Enhancing Life Through Innovation™

Precision Medical has designed the leading mobile mechanical blood clot prevention solution. Our innovative approach to post-surgery recovery and prevention is designed to increase patient compliance, increase patient mobility, and increase both staff and patient safety by eliminating tubes and cords. Our patented DVT prevention devices and cryo-therapy solutions are utilized today in hundreds of acute care facilities nationwide, and prescribed by thousands of surgeons helping treat their patients everyday.

Join Us On Our Mission To Cut The Cord

From Hospital to Home™

Our mission is to Cut the Cord and provide the only tubeless cordless DVT prevention devices from the hospital to home. Join our mission.

Mobile Prevention

Our mobile DVT prevention technology speeds up discharge, mitigates readmission risk, reduces labor costs, and decreases patient fall risk.

Connected Data

Circul8 is the only DVT prevention device available that incorporates future connected technology and a mobile device app for ease of use.

Active Recovery

Improve your patient overall feedback with our cutting-edge technology, patient centric customer service and one-of-a-kind patient education.

The Only Mobile Hospital to Home DVT Solution on the Market.

Completely Mobile Continuum of Care from Surgery to At-Home prevention
VenaOne: Patients can now be truly mobile in the acute setting with our 24h battery operated device
Circul8: Patients can continue prevention at home utilizing the same technology as treated while in facility
Full continuum of care, the most protocol driven solution that's available today
We are the only  truly mobile DVT prevention solution that provides continuous care from the hospital to home. Utilizing our patented in facility mobile pump technology for surgery to our at home tubeless cordless design.
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Precision is Changing the Industry

Leading Hospital to Home Mobile DVT Care

New Standard of Care

Protocols are changing, studies show new results and patients are more aware than ever. Become protocol driven with a new standard of care that covers every patient.

Reinventing Mobile DVT

DVT compression has remained unchanged providing bulky tethered machines that can cause falls and decreased mobility. Mobility and patient safety is our mission. Join us.

Patient Safety

Fall risk and potential bleeding risk from unnecessary anti-coagulants can be side effects of other blood clot prevention. Tetherless mobility while preventing DVT decreases those risks.

PreVent Never Events

Never events are serious and costly errors in the provision of health care services that should never happen. We are on a mission to help reduce DVT and Fall Risk events.

Save Time, Save Money

Our solution will speed up discharge, mitigate the risk for a readmission DVT, eliminate large service contracts, reduce overall costs compared to your current provider.

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