We’ve engineered the most efficient surgery center and hospital DVT system to reduce patient re-admission, increase staff productivity and decrease overall costs.
In a healthcare category that has essentially remained unchanged since the 1980’s, VenaOne champions innovation by eliminating the need for tubing, as well as the need to remain plugged in during use while reducing waste and cost per patient.

Pneumatic compression is a clinically proven modality for reducing the risks associated with deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The Circul8 One Vascular Therapy System is a self-contained, compact DVT therapy device that is tubeless, portable, lightweight and battery-operated.  


Portable, lightweight and tubeless
Long lasting rechargeable battery
Easy replaceable battery
Disposable cost-effective covers
Illuminated battery life indicator
Easy to use design
Innovative charging station

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Use VenaOne To Aid In The Prevention Of Blood Clots

VenaOne’s novel mobile pneumatic blood clot prevention device is designed to increase patient compliance, provide mobility to the patient, increase staff and patient safety by removing tubes and cords, utilizing proven compression used today in the acute setting.

Our solution is designed to

Truly mobile tubeless cordless design
 Increase patient compliance
Increase patient safety from fall risk
Decrease hospital costs
Proven compression technology which helps reduce the onset of a DVT and reduce hospital costs
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Our Features

Each feature is designed around the traditional hospital setting while delivering an innovative mobile solution

Why VenaOne

Fully ambulatory design allowing better compliance with increased patient mobility.
Battery Operated
Prevents dangerous blood clots deep inside the leg, during and post-surgery.
Infection Control
Cuffs are impervious to liquid strikethrough which can help to reduce bacterial transfer and subsequent contamination of the surgical site.
Concurrent Compression
Other devices require tubing, which present a tripping hazard and are inconvenient to use and manage. Additionally, such devices usually lack true portability.
Compliance Monitor
Downloadable for detailed patient use times.

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