DVT Prevention and Monitoring solution is coming soon. The worlds first patented prevention and monitoring solution designed by the leading mobile compression company, Precision Medical.
Welcome to the world’s first DVT Prevention and Monitoring solution. In an industry that is still using 1900’s based technology, we have designed the only enhanced mobile compression device, DVT therapy app and physician dashboard analytics to provide an unparalleled patient experience.

New Standard of Care

Track Patient Compliance

Monitor DVT Related Events

Increase Patient Safety

Automated Reporting

DVT Coordinator Education

Mobile DVT Prevention Monitoring Made Easy

PreVent is the only remote patient monitoring offering mobile pneumatic compression, patient compliance tracking, mobility protocol and comprehensive reporting to surgeons.

Coming Soon!

PreVent is an easy to use mechanical compression solution, prescribed by a physician, for use in the home or clinical setting to help prevent the onset of DVT. Our tubeless cordless compression device aids in the prevention of a DVT post-surgery. Its cordless mobile design helps reduce falls risks, increases patient compliance at home or in the recovery room and includes proprietary patient compliance software to monitor patient’s usage.

Patient Tracking App

Circul8 App is the first patient monitoring application to help guide patients through their DVT prevention journey, track usage of the device, and provide clinical data to their healthcare provider.

Provider Dashboard

Large payor groups have acknowledged the need for devices to be digital and provide physicians a way to access patient centric information to evaluate the patient while at home. Our patented solution utilizes our mobile DVT device with patient facing app that gives our surgeon partners a real time view of their patients when it pertains to DVT.

Automated Reporting

Technology is evolving and data collection is great, but the more technology grows the more cumbersome it can feel. We've designed an automated solution that provides the data you need, right at your fingertips. Reducing the technology burden and increasing the patient and surgeon experience.

At Home Risk

Protocols have changed, patients need to be treated when recovering at home. PreVent allows visibility while at home providing the highest standard of care.
Up to 30 days
Studies show patients are at highest risk of developing DVT within the first 30 days after surgery
Up to 80%
Of symptomatic VTE events occur after discharge
Joint Commission States
Anticoagulants deemed highest risk for Adverse Drug Events (ADE). Use of mechanical and aspirin recommended.

Physician Risk Exposure is Real

DVT Litigation is on the rise. Using our protocol based standard of care allows our surgeon partners the most streamlined solution when preventing blood clots post surgery


Percent of physicians have had a medical liability lawsuit filed against them at some point in their careers


Ways DVT risk is exposed. The appropriate standard of care under the treatment circumstances, and the breach of the standard of care.

Compliance is Driving the Industry

Efforts are being made to track patient compliance; the current data highlights a growing problem. Our compliance solution provides the visibility needed for enhanced patient care.
Up to 53%
Of patients studied do not comply with prescribed anticoagulant use
Less than 25%
Of patients do not comply with wearing mechanical prophylaxis in hospital
Visibility into usage/compliance with prophylactic treatment at home

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PreVent is coming soon and we are always looking for innovative surgeons who believe in the Standard of Care for their patients. Reach out to us below to learn more about our upcoming New Standard of Care for DVT Prevention.
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